The importance of business relationships

By Dean Weston I’ve talked a lot about Progress Fire Co.’s new company values of late – agility, professionalism, gratitude, integrity, quality, collaboration, and reliability. These values represent who we are and what we stand for. They are at the heart of every decision the company makes and help to drive all choices made in […]

Agility – the key to thriving during Covid

By Dean Weston I was recently asked for my thoughts on how Covid has impacted the construction industry and, more specifically, Progress Fire Co. When Covid became prevalent, I was worried about how businesses like ours would survive. Little did I know that my mindset would soon change from how the industry could survive to […]

What is an ESFR sprinkler system and why do I need one in my industrial warehouse?

When it comes to fitting out an industrial warehouse, our clients have one burning question – what is an ESFR sprinkler system and why do I need one? When an ESFR sprinkler system is required within an industrial warehouse, there are many things to consider when assessing the area for a complete fire safety fit-out, […]