Progress Fire Co. are committed to providing innovative and specialised fire system designs, as well as high-quality construction and maintenance.


Residential Fire Systems

Apartments and high-rise buildings are a specialty area for Progress Fire Co. We provide residential fire system design, construction and installation for new residential projects. High-rise buildings have particular fire safety needs, but alongside this is also the need to balance overall system design and value management as part of the project. 

We take a value orientated approach, which ensures that at every step of the project, from cost planning and design, right the way through to construction and ongoing maintenance, we are focused on building quality relationships and providing a high standard of expertise and service.

Throughout design, our team have an in-depth understanding of both the safety and regulatory requirements, so we ensure that we take a consultative approach and work closely with our client throughout the planning and construction phase of high-rise residential properties to maximise value and ensure we provide a robust and comprehensive solution. Using this information, we’re able to design, install and maintain effective fire systems for any high-rise residential environment.


Industrial Fire System Designs

The fire safety needs of industrial facilities incorporate high levels of complexity and have a range of additional areas of focus which need to be managed when providing a suitable fire safety solution. Often there are various risks involved, so having effective fire protection systems and fire management solutions in place is vital for both the protection of personnel and assets alike. 

In addition to providing state-of-the-art fire safety designs and installations, we also offer on-going fire system maintenance for industrial buildings. Our team are highly specialised at analysing the risks associated with industrial facilities and ensuring site operators and facilities are compliant with all relevant fire safety regulations.


Maintenance and Servicing

Whether you are looking for a provider for a recently completed project, or you have an existing facility which needs ongoing maintenance, Progress Fire Co. are well placed to support your needs.

With safety at the forefront of everything we do, our dedicated team will work closely alongside you to provide ongoing regular testing, maintenance and servicing to the equipment that is part of your overall system. 

Furthermore, our on-going fire system maintenance services give you peace of mind and confidence that your commercial building is protected, regardless of the age of the structure.

To find out more or to discuss your fire safety requirements, contact Progress Fire Co.

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