Automatic fire sprinkler systems

Tailor made and designed specifically to suit your needs, we aim to maximise value delivered with every project, to provide peace of mind and certainty for your next project.


In order to safeguard your assets, your commercial building and your employees, a holistic approach to fire safety is needed. At Progress Fire Co, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solution. We believe in designing and engineering unique solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client and project. One of our most common fire safety components is an automatic fire sprinkler system.

Automatic Fire Sprinklers

A ubiquitous presence in the movies and known to go off after exposure to the merest whiff of smoke, real-life automatic fire sprinklers are thankfully much more robust and reliable. Triggered not by smoke but by air at set temperatures to suit the environment they are installed in, fire sprinklers are designed to suppress or control fires when they are needed most.

At Progress Fire Co, we specialise in delivering automatic fire sprinkler systems to residential buildings, commercial and industrial facilities all over Brisbane and South East Queensland that are built with their unique needs in mind.


We believe in maximising value delivered with every project. Whether that is minimising the spatial requirements in the pump room, right the way to finding the most cost-effective way to achieve compliant coverage, this is our underlying focus.

After learning more about the building design, project budget and overall objectives, we will design a system of automatic fire sprinklers built around them. This way we can deliver a high-quality solution that is designed to meet the needs of the space it is being delivered into.


Construction and Engineering

Even the most comprehensively designed automatic fire sprinkler system can fall short of expectations and requirements if it’s not properly implemented. Progress Fire Co. can handle all aspects of construction and engineering to ensure that your automatic fire sprinklers provide the performance you need, when you need it.


Maintenance is absolutely crucial in safeguarding your workforce and ensuring Health & Safety compliance. Fortunately, we provide regular maintenance and testing solutions to help ensure that you always get the best out of your automatic fire sprinklers.


Project Management and Trust

We believe when it comes to fire system implementation, relationships make all the difference. We work hard to ensure that our clients can trust in our solutions and while this may start at the design phase, it is continued by our project management that allows you to rest assured knowing that the project will be delivered on time, to budget but more importantly to the high standard that you expect.

Previous Projects

Check out some of our previous projects in which we have installed and maintained comprehensive automatic fire sprinkler systems built around our clients’ needs. These include;

  • ABC Studios, Southbank
  • Central Plaza
  • University of Queensland

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