Installing large scale fire safety systems

Our solution included the design and installation of ESFR fire sprinkler protection throughout, diesel fire pump sets, a water storage tank, fire alarm system, and portable fire equipment.

The project, from initial design to finalising and installing our fire safety fit-out took approximately twelve months with installation completed in two stages. Stage one was completed in late 2020 and stage two of the project has been completed recently.


Providing cost-effective solutions

The K22 ESFR sprinkler chosen for this project eliminates the need for in-rack sprinklers when storing Category 4 and Cartoned Category 5 commodities, providing a cost-effective solution and increased flexibility.

This model of ESFR sprinkler provides protection for warehouse storage that can be challenging to maintain during a fire, such as solid-piled, palletised, shelf, bin-box, or open-frame racking.


Partnering with building developers to achieve their goals.

With uncompromising attention to detail, we pride ourselves on being a reliable and trusted fire services partner. Our ability to design and engineer fire safety systems, leveraging a range of technologies ensures we meet the needs of our client, developing a fire safety system specific to their project.
Our team are highly specialised in ensuring that warehouse facilities are compliant with all relevant fire safety regulations.
With a tight timeframe on this project, our team completed the installation of the fire systems in two stages, ensuring we were able to support the construction team in meeting their project build deadlines.

By aligning with our client’s goals from the outset of a project, we were able to deliver a fire safety solution at Freeman Central that was tailored to the individual needs of the project.

As with Dexus’ Freeman Central’s Distribution Centre, we work closely alongside our clients, providing a suitable and cost-effective fire safety solution. As a result, commercial builders look to us as the reliable partner of choice when it comes to the design and construction of fire systems.


Fast facts about this installation:

  • 8,000 fire sprinklers
  • 2 x fire pumps
  • 580kL water storage tank
  • 6 x networked fire panels

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