Commercial design, install and maintenance

Where you do start when you need to design, fit out and install a fire system for a 10,200m2 warehouse? With a call to Progress Fire Co.

At least that’s what happened when we were engaged for the Centuria warehouse development, in early 2021 to design, and install an ESFR fire sprinkler system for their latest commercial venture in western Brisbane.

With a six-month project timeline from concept to completion, the Progress Fire Co. team are proud to have delivered a solution in both time and budget. 


So, what did we do?

As with any project, we worked alongside the client in developing a solution bespoke for the space.

In particular, this project was required to achieve a Green Star 5 Star Rating under the Design and As-Built V1.3 rating tool, which we proudly achieved for the client. 

As part of meeting this Green Star Rating, we developed a test water reuse plan, which sees the water required for testing and fire maintenance recycled from tanks within the space.

Finding and implementing methods to reduce environmental impact is just one of the ways we work alongside clients to achieve joint outcomes.


What comes next?

Progress Fire Co. will continue to maintain the site at Centuria for 12 months, including all fire sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, fire pumps, water storage tanks, and portable fire equipment.

As a business, we will continue to look for ways to minimise our environmental impact and achieve environmentally sustainable solutions for our installations. 

To find out more about how we can assist with your warehouse installation, contact: 1300 347 326.

Fast facts about this installation:

  • 1,400 fire sprinklers
  • 2 x fire pumps
  • A 14m high water storage tank 

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